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saint georges spokanepowerdion2000    Miami, Florida
Music, basketball, and hanging with my good friends are my hobbies. I am looking to find someone that I can really connect with. Hit me up and let's see what happens. California native. Virgo.
what is my love languageLambhert    Pell City, Alabama
I'm here to meet knew people and see what happens. I live in NY. I love being outdoors but also enjoy relaxing inside playing xbox or computer. I'm very open person so ask me anything and I'll be honest.
signs that a man is attracted to youkim213    Madrid, Spain
You have arrived at my profile.Thanks for taking a look! :) So I'm Stuart.I currently live in Kettering but work in Leicester. I really enjoy my job and work hard at it so
signs of a verbally abusive relationshipkahlik    Saltcoats, Scotland
I like allsorts, metal/rock music, swimming, going pub, cars, cinema, shopping, getting out of the house, and meeting new people. I hope to pass my driving test soon and quit my current job as a sales

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